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Mr.Hahn Will Scratch You To Death August 11, 2010

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You’d think Ningyo-Gosho is something original from Korea. I thought too, but after a few researches I got to the conclusion that Ningyō (original name) is actually from Japan. It means human shape. Usually this adorably peculiar dolls are a way of representing warriors, heroes even fairy-tale characters.

Mr.Hahn decided to give the ol’ traditional concept a twist and give it a whole new meaning. SURU and Rad Toys partnered up to create the new Mr.Hahn Ningyo.  According to Joe, it was essentially inspired by kung-fu movies, but the foundation of the whole concept was Enter The Dragon, focusing on the rivalry between two characters, Mr.Han and Mr.Bruce.

“Mr. Hahn is a technological marvel — with mysterious GID eyes and sophisticated gradient printing for his chiseled chest.  Mr. Hahn ships ready for action with classic yellow nunchucks making it the first Ningyo to come with a specialized accessory in lieu of the traditional rope.” – Vinyl Pulse

However there were only five-hundred bad boys of these, available for order at SURU after the first exhibition, also made on SURU with Linkin Park as guests for the signing session, on March of 2008. You could order them at SURU-LA for the symbolic cost of 97$. Quite accessible if you ask me.

Here’s a little pic-spam

Mike Shinoda and Mr.Hahn Ningyo

Even Rihanna got a little her share of Hahngasmic love.

Also, the slogan couldn’t be any more fitting “Mr.Hahn Will Scratch You to Death

No permission required.



Little Pony August 9, 2010

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In the year of 2007, Joe Hahn was working on one of the video-clips for his band at the studio. Simultaneously, the castings for Little Pony were being done. In the end, Joe was invited to make a small appearance on the short-film as a pilot. Directed by Filip Engström, with SMUGGLER productions, this is a short tale of a pilot known as Little Pony who fought for the sake of one of the most cherished traditions ever, Christmas. Sources say this movie was used by Sony on one of their commercials, but nothing confirms such rumor.
If you haven’t seen it yet, you should totally check it out now. If you have, you still should. It’s quite Hahngasmic, I’d say.

Have a Hahntastic day 🙂



Blogging Sisterhood August 7, 2010

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So, apparently I have a blog-sister. My best-friend owns a few blogs at WordPress, and I decided it was time to show what I got by making a blog myself. Turns out this is quite dope! I’m certainly not as smart as she is, and we obviously don’t have the same sense of humor but that’s what makes her and what she writes so awesome. If you’re not following her blogs you should be ashamed of yourself. I was, until I started reading them. Skiescockback.wordpress.com and Mikeshinodaftw.wordpress.com Check them out or Hahn will punish you.

The picture…yeah…since she’s a Delson freak, and I am, obviously a Hahn freak.

Damn I wish there was a picture of Joe with an unicorn. She’d go bananas.

Hahn good night everyone 🙂



I’d like to introduce…Mr.Hahn August 6, 2010

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Greetings dear Hahners. Well, I couldn’t possibly open a blog about someone without introducing it, could I? So I’m gonna pretty much tell you everything you can read on Wikipedia.com or JoeHahn.org, but in a pretty way. You want to read things in a pretty way don’t you? I thought so too.

Joseph Hahn, born on March 15 from 1977, is the younger of three kids, making him the only boy amongst two sisters (ouch). His parents emigrated from South Korea to Glendale, California. Later on his life, Joe attended Passadena’s Art Center College of Design were he became friends with Mike Shinoda with whom he joined the band Xero, that later on became Linkin Park (oh common, y’all know that band, I ain’t linking anything).

Currently, Hahn is not only the turntablist, he’s not only a producer, he’s not only a painter, he does not only own a clothe store. He is a turntablist, a producer, a painter and even owns a clothe store named SURU which can be visited in LA.

Some trivia:
– Joe directed a short film called The Seed, shot in 2006 in LA
– He was responsible for special effects on a few episodes of X-files (agree with me that’s Hahnendary)
– The newest trailer for Medal of Honor was also produced by him, featuring his band’s most recent song The Catalyst
– For the ones who don’t know, Joe has a multiple personalty disorder. According to his band-mates new personas are created everyday, but the one he cherishes the most is Remmy.

So I think it’s enough info for today, I might add something tomorrow, but for today it’s all.

Hope y’all have a Hahnific day. 🙂


picture taken from: Suru-la.com


It starts with…Joe Hahn August 5, 2010

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I’m exceedingly happy to present y’all Hahngasmic.com the probably the first blog (unofficial) dedicated do the awesometasticness Joe Hahn beholds.
A dear fellow of mine tweeted me, amongst one of my spam sessions, that she could imagine me creating a website just for the sake of posting Joseph Hahn pictures. I did.

If you are not a Joseph Hahn fan, you will turn in to one.
If you think he’s awesome, you’ll think he’s from other world.
If you don’t know him…Google it, because I ain’t telling you. No. I will.

But now I’ll let you all process the epicness of this, so that you can fully enjoy the next posts that will come.

May the Hahn be with you.

.JS ♥