The Hahness is in the eye of the blogger

Blogging Sisterhood August 7, 2010

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So, apparently I have a blog-sister. My best-friend owns a few blogs at WordPress, and I decided it was time to show what I got by making a blog myself. Turns out this is quite dope! I’m certainly not as smart as she is, and we obviously don’t have the same sense of humor but that’s what makes her and what she writes so awesome. If you’re not following her blogs you should be ashamed of yourself. I was, until I started reading them. Skiescockback.wordpress.com and Mikeshinodaftw.wordpress.com Check them out or Hahn will punish you.

The picture…yeah…since she’s a Delson freak, and I am, obviously a Hahn freak.

Damn I wish there was a picture of Joe with an unicorn. She’d go bananas.

Hahn good night everyone 🙂



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