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Mr.Hahn Will Scratch You To Death August 11, 2010

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You’d think Ningyo-Gosho is something original from Korea. I thought too, but after a few researches I got to the conclusion that Ningyō (original name) is actually from Japan. It means human shape. Usually this adorably peculiar dolls are a way of representing warriors, heroes even fairy-tale characters.

Mr.Hahn decided to give the ol’ traditional concept a twist and give it a whole new meaning. SURU and Rad Toys partnered up to create the new Mr.Hahn Ningyo.  According to Joe, it was essentially inspired by kung-fu movies, but the foundation of the whole concept was Enter The Dragon, focusing on the rivalry between two characters, Mr.Han and Mr.Bruce.

“Mr. Hahn is a technological marvel — with mysterious GID eyes and sophisticated gradient printing for his chiseled chest.  Mr. Hahn ships ready for action with classic yellow nunchucks making it the first Ningyo to come with a specialized accessory in lieu of the traditional rope.” – Vinyl Pulse

However there were only five-hundred bad boys of these, available for order at SURU after the first exhibition, also made on SURU with Linkin Park as guests for the signing session, on March of 2008. You could order them at SURU-LA for the symbolic cost of 97$. Quite accessible if you ask me.

Here’s a little pic-spam

Mike Shinoda and Mr.Hahn Ningyo

Even Rihanna got a little her share of Hahngasmic love.

Also, the slogan couldn’t be any more fitting “Mr.Hahn Will Scratch You to Death

No permission required.



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